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Home Loans

No W-2 or Tax Return Required

Looking to Refinance?



It is a Perfect Time to Refinance Your Mortgage

  • Improve Your Cash Flow

  • No Tax Returns Required

  • Lower Your Monthly Payment and Save

  • Pay Off Your Loan Early

  • Quick and Easy Process




Buying a Home?

Pre-Qualified in a few minutes!

  • Lowest Rate & No Point Guaranteed

  • Self-Employee / VOE Programs

  • No Tax Returns Required

  • Low Down Payment Options (3.5% FHA)

  • Stress-Free Process

  • $1,000 Closing Guarantee*

  • Help Whenever You Need It

* If your closing date is delayed due to our loan process, we will give you $1,000 credit at closing as a penalty.

Choose the mortgage that's right for you:

30-Year Fixed

Enjoy fixed payments that won't change over time.

Who should get this?

People who are planning to keep the house for over 10 years and want to have the lowest monthly payment with principal payment.

15-Year Fixed

Pay your loan off faster while maintaining a fixed monthly payment

Who should get this?

People who can afford  higher monthly payment and want to pay off loan faster with less interest

7 / 1 ARM

Rate is fixed for the first seven years and then adjusts yearly.  Loan carries full principal and interest payments for 30 years.

Who should get this?

People who plan to keep the house for a less than 7 years and want to make a least monthly payment.

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