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Residential Buildings

Why Invest in
Multi-Family ADU,
with Solidon?

  • What is ADU? (Pg 1)

  • Safe Investment (Pg 2)

  • Great Return on Investment (Pg 3)

  • Steady Rental Income (Pg 4)

  • Tax Advantage (Pg 5)

  • Ability to Leverage Funds (Pg 6)

  • Diversification of Assets (Pg 7)

  • Trusted Person (Pg 8)

What is ADU?

  1. Accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a secondary housing unit on a single residential lot or multi-family lot.

  2. As of today, owners of single family homes are allowed to build one ADU (up to 1,000 sf*) and one junior ADU (up to 500 sf*)

  3. Multifamily Dwellings are allowed at least two detached ADUs.

New State Laws make it easier to build an ADU:

  • An ADU must be approved by the jurisdiction in 60 days.

  • No extra parking required if within 1/2 mile of transit.

  • Cities do not charge development or traffic impact fees for ADU's (but school districts and water districts may impact fees)

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