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Residential Buildings

Why Invest in
Multi-Family ADU,
with Solidon?

  • What is ADU? (Pg 1)

  • Safe Investment (Pg 2)

  • Great Return on Investment (Pg 3)

  • Steady Rental Income (Pg 4)

  • Tax Advantage (Pg 5)

  • Ability to Leverage Funds (Pg 6)

  • Diversification of Assets (Pg 7)

  • Trusted Person (Pg 8)

Steady Rental Income

Lowest vacant rate means steady rental income

Today's Asking Rent per Unit:           $2,121 
2023 Forecast:                                        $2,210
2024 Forecast:                                        $2,232
2025 Forecast:                                        $2,259

Market Rent per unit.JPG

Market Rent per Unit

Market Rent by Bedroom_edited.jpg

Market Rent
by Bedroom

population in California.JPG
Annual Poopulation Change.JPG

Southbay Market Data

Southbay Market Data.GIF


  • Market rent has been relatively stable

  • Even with Pandemic in 2000, its impact was very minimal and the rent went back on the increasing trend shortly.

  • Many tech companies, SpaceX, Snap Inc, Tinder are based in Silicon Beach (Westside region of the Los Angeles and the costal stop from LAX).

  • South Bay area is located within 30 minutes from LAX. 

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